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Why Use A Local Florist

Best Sellers

VW-196 Valentine Yankee Topper

Yankee Topper

only $45.95

Valentine blooms and
trims atop a Yankee
jar candle.

Local Only

VW-149 Stargazing Bouquet


from $135.95

Stargazer lilies & roses, a
deluxe version of our
popular Valentine bouquet.

Local Only

VW-197 Beauty ní Bliss

Beauty n’

from $125.95

A lovely blend of purples,
lavenders and pinks in a
beautiful garden bouquet.

Local Only

VW-194 Rose Parade


from $75.95

Roses and petite spray
roses combine in a splash
of color for your Valentine.

Local Only

VW-141 Valentine Romance


from $49.95

A stylish bouquet of
flowers designed in a
square cube vase.

VW-191 Budding Romance


from $45.95

Red roses and
stargazers combine in
valentine style.

Local Only

VW-118 The Works! Valentine

The Works!

only $79.95

Our spectacular premium
rose bouquet - includes one
Valentine embossed rose.

Local Only

VW-157 Burgundy Blush


from $89.95

A medley of rich pink &
burgundy premium blooms
makes this the ladies favorite!

VW-193 Hearts Treasure


from $49.95

Sweet vintage jar
of red roses & pink

Local Only

VW-121 18 Red  Roses

18 Red

from $115.95

A lavish valentine bouquet of
18 premium long stemmed
red roses.


Local Florists are the Trusted and Knowledgeable Experts on Local Floral Products and Traditions in Each Area

There are literally thousands of websites where you can order flowers, but many of them are not run by someone who actually delivers flowers to the consumer.  They may just gather your order and charge an additional service fee before forwarding your order to a real local florist to fill.  Many of these sites also use deceptive advertising practices, making you think that you are dealing with an actual local florist, some even listing (but not linking to) the names of local florists.  Their intent is obvious, they want you to think they are a florist in the town you want flowers delivered to.  They take their profit and just send the order along to a "real florist" at reduced value to the florist and the customer.  The same is true for "Yellow Page" advertising, many of the largest ads are for businesses with no local store front, they are just gathering your order (for a fee) and passing it on to a real local florist.

There are many advantages to using a real local florist.  They know which products are the freshest, the prettiest and available.  There is no middle man to keep part of your purchase price, so you get better value for your money.  And, most importantly, using a quality local florist is the best way to assure freshness, prompt delivery and satisfaction.

Should You Ever Use a Local Florist for an Out-of-town Delivery?

YES! There are reasons to have your local florist send flowers to an out of town destination?  Definitely!  If you already have a relationship with a florist and they have provided you with great local service, they will provide you with great out of town service.  As a group, we’ve been delivering flowers for over 1,000 years, millions of successful deliveries, both in our hometowns and elsewhere.  We know who the best florists are, we know who to avoid. We guarantee your satisfaction whether we deliver the product, or forward the order to another trusted florist.  And, most importantly, we advertise who we really are.  When you go to our websites you can tell exactly where we’re located, exactly what towns we deliver to, and exactly what you’ll receive for your money.

If you want to become more informed on some of the deceptive internet advertising practices in the floral industry, go to  If you want to order safely, securely and confidently, simply go to one of our member sites to enjoy the highest quality of products and professional services the floral industry can offer. We guarantee your satisfaction with Florists Across America.

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